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PSA are quoted periodically in The Financial Times and various publications in many different parts of the world, typically in English. Pelham makes appearances on various cable news outlet providing his views on the Tech market, most notably on CNBC, WSJ, Money Week, Bloomberg, BBC World’s World Business Report, SP Global, Japan Times.

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Coverage includes:- Financial Times, The Times, China’s National Daily
Coverage includes:- Financial Times, & IG UK
Coverage includes:- Financial Times, Bloomberg, SP Global, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Asia, Japan Times
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Coverage includes:- Financial Times, CNN Money, The Times, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal & Reuters
Coverage includes:- Financial Times, CNBC, WSJ, Money Week, Bloomberg, BBC World – World Business Report
Coverage includes:- CNBC, Financial Times, Bloomberg
Coverage includes:- Bloomberg, CNBC, Financial Times
Coverage includes:- Financial Times, Bloomberg, CNBC, China Daily
Coverage includes:- Bloomberg,  CNBC

Soaring rental car costs make taxis a better travel option

by Merryn Somerset Webb
19th July 2022
Financial Times

The Financial Times discusses how soaring rental car costs make it cheaper to take a taxi. PSA’s auto analyst Julie Boote explains why.