The Must Read PSA Weekly Research Round-up (week to 22 Jul)

REPORTS: Feedback from the July 2022 Automotive News Europe Congress / DX Small- / Mid-Caps – From Gloom to Swoon? An Update Sysmex Corp (6869 JT) / Enigmo (3665 JT) / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Video game console sales down 7% YoY – week to 9 July / Q2 CY22 global smartphone shipments -9% YoY / US CHIPS Act progress could brighten sentiment / MISCELLANEOUS MARKET & MACRO: Foreigners net buyers of Japanese equities last week / COMPANY INSIGHTS, NEWS, PREVIEWS & RESULTS: Square Enix in NFT move / Sony wins opening round in PlayStation Store legal battle / ASML cuts full year revenue guidance / Disco 1Q FY22 OP +40% YoY / Nidec preview / results / market reaction / Toyota tweaks Aug production plans again / Daikin up as copper down / Daifuku performing well

The Weekly Comment by Pelham Smithers

For all the hype, blockchain gaming has failed to attract much big publisher interest. However, Pelham Smithers thinks Square Enix’s latest moves may indicate that things are starting to pick up again.

Reports / Flash Notes Published This Week: Headlines at a Glance

1. Feedback from the July 2022 Automotive News Europe Congress
2. DX Small- / Mid-Caps – From Gloom to Swoon? An Update
3. Sysmex Corp (6869 JT) – Standing up to the Test
4. Enigmo (3665 JT) – a Revisit

Company / Sector / Thematic Comments at a Glance

Technology: Consumer Electronics, Gaming

1. Week to 9 July Video Game Console Sales -7% YoY
2. Q2 CY22 Global Smartphone Shipments -9% YoY
3. Square Enix (9684 JT) in NFT Move
4. Sony (6758 JT) Wins Opening Round in PlayStation Store Battle
5. Other Consumer Elec / Gaming News & Moves That Caught Our Eye

Technology: Industrial Electronics / Components / Semis & SPE / Precision

6. ASML (ASML NA US) Cuts Full Year Revenue Guidance
7. Disco’s (6146 JT) 1Q FY22 OP +40% YoY
8. Nidec (6594 JT) Preview / Results / Market Reaction:
9. Other Tech-Related News & Moves That Caught Our Eye

Chemicals / Materials

10. US Chips Act Progress Could Brighten Sentiment


11. Another Tweak to Toyota’s (7203 JT) August Production Plans

Auto Parts / Machinery

12. Automation Picks Up; Daifuku (6383 JT) Highest in 6 Weeks
13. Daikin (6367 JT) Up as Copper Down

Internet / eCommerce

14. Recruit (6098 JT) Rises Despite Negative News from Glassdoor
15. Market Returns to Demae-can (2484 JT)
16. BASE Inc (4477 JT) Reaches a New One-month High
17. Infomart (2492 JT) Raises FY22 OP Target

Enterprise Software / IT Services

18. Solid FY22 Q1 Results from OBC (4733 JT)
19. Obic (4684 JT): FY22 Q1 Results Show a Substantial Outperformance
20. Will M3 (2413 JT) Disappoint Again When Reporting 1Q FY22 Numbers?


21. Chugai Pharmaceutical (4519 JT) 2Q FY22 OP ¥+3% YoY
22. Other Pharma News & Moves That Caught Our Eye


23. Other News & Moves That Caught Our Eye

Market / Strategy / Macro

24. Foreigners Net Buyers of Japanese Equities Last Week

PSA Company Visits, Tours and Interviews

• Conference Call with: Money Forward (3994 JT)

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