The Must Read PSA Weekly Research Round-up (week to 15 Jul)

REPORTS: Square Enix (9684 JT) / Money Forward (3994 JT) / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Weekly video game console sales pick up as quarter ends / Japan consumer electronics demand slumping / May MLCC production volumes fall but ASPs rise / Q2 global PC Shipments -10.1% YoY / May Global EV sales +55% YoY / SaaS / enterprise software stocks: outperformers emerge / MISCELLANEOUS, MARKET & MACRO: Macro releases this week / COMPANY INSIGHTS, NEWS, PREVIEWS & RESULTS: Apple to raise iPhone 14 prices by US$100? / Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake sells 10mil units / TSMC FY22 2Q NP +78% YoY / FY22 1Q results previews for Hitachi / Murata / Mimasu Semiconductor FY22 4Q OP -20% YoY / Hioki EE FY22 2Q OP -25% YoY / Nikon withdraws from D-SLR market / Yaskawa’s FX disappointment and Shanghai sub-variant concerns

The Weekly Comment by Pelham Smithers

Have we moved past peak eSports, far earlier than imagined or hoped for? Pelham Smithers investigates the state of play.

Reports / Flash Notes Published This Week: Headlines at a Glance

1. Square Enix (9684 JT) – Life After Eidos
2. Money Forward (3994 JT): FY22 Q2 Results

Company / Sector / Thematic Comments at a Glance

Technology: Consumer Electronics, Gaming

1. Apple (AAPL US) to Raise iPhone 14 Prices by US$100?
2. Capcom’s (9697 JT) Resident Evil 2 Remake Sells 10mil Units
3. Other Consumer Elec / Gaming News & Moves That Caught Our Eye

Technology: Industrial Electronics / Components / Semis & SPE / Precision

4. CY22 Q2 Global PC Shipments -10.1% YoY
5. MLCC Production in May: Down in Volume Terms, Up in Value
6. Murata (6981 JT) 1Q FY22 Preview
7. TSMC (2330 TT) 2Q NP +78% YoY
8. Hitachi (6501 JT) 1Q FY22 Preview
9. Nikon (7731 JT) Announces its Withdrawal from the D-SLR Market
10. Hioki EE (6866 JT) FY22 2Q OP -25% YoY
11. Mimasu Semiconductor (8155 JT) FY22 4Q OP -20% YoY
12. Other Tech-Related News & Moves That Caught Our Eye

Chemicals / Materials

13. Toray (3402 JT) Subsidiary Has Quality Issues


14. Global EV Sales in May +55% YoY
15. Other Auto-Related News & Moves That Caught Our Eye

Auto Parts / Machinery

16. Yaskawa (6506 JT) Q1 FY22 Results: FX Disappointment and Shanghai’s Sub-variant Concerns

Internet / eCommerce

17. Recruit (6098 JT) Reaches a New One-Month High
18. Mixed Impressions for Demae-can’s (2484 JT) FY22 Q3 Results

Enterprise Software / IT Services

19. SaaS / Enterprise Software Stocks: Outperformers Emerge
20. Money Forward (3994 JT) FY22 Q2 Sales and Operating Loss Miss Market Expectations
21. Sansan (4443 JT) Beats on FY21 Q4 Sales, FY Target Close to Consensus


22. Positive Indications for Shionogi’s (4507 JT) Covid Drug


23. Other News & Moves That Caught Our Eye

Market / Strategy / Macro

24. Macro Data Releases This Week:

PSA Company Visits, Tours and Interviews

• Conference Call with: Enigmo (3665 JT)
• Presentations at: Recruit (6098 JT), Money Forward (3994 JT), Toray (3402 JT)

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