The Must Read PSA Weekly Research Round-up (week to 28 Feb)

REPORTS: KDDi (9433 JT) – Monetizing the Cambrian Explosion of Data / MACRO: Grim supermarket sales for Jan 2020 / Mixed macro data on Friday / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Outlook for 5G rollout / Geneva Auto Show cancelled / Automakers pushing for more online sales over showrooms / Event cancellations due to Covid-19 hits advertisers / Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS

The Weekly Comment by Pelham Smithers

After a torrid week for the markets, Pelham highlights the dramatic selloffs in potential winners, in their respective fields of expertise.

Reports / Flash Notes Published This Week: Headlines at a Glance

1. KDDI (9433 JT) – Monetizing the Cambrian Explosion of Data

Company / Sector / Thematic Comments at a Glance

Technology: Consumer Electronics, Gaming

1. Square Enix (9684 JT): No PS5 / Xbox X Exclusives, Console Makers Back Out of GDC2020

Technology: Electronic Components and Precision

2. Outlook for 5G Rollout
3. Canon (7751 JT) Announces a Buy Back and Development of Covid-19 Test Kits
4. Hitachi (6501 JT) Revises Down to Reflect Removal of Capital Gains

Chemicals / Materials

5. Fujifilm’s Antiviral Avigan for Covid-19


6. Suzuki (7269 JT): Shares Drops on India Concerns
7. Geneva Auto Show Cancelled as of Feb 28
8. Automakers Push for Online Sales, Not Showroom Visits
9. Fear Over US Covid-19 Outbreak Weighs on Subaru (7270 JT)

Internet / eCommerce

10. GA Technologies’ (3491 JT) Steep Share Price Decline Presents an Opportunity
11. Recruit (6098 JT):Weak Job Applicant Ratio Leads to Sell-off
12. Mercari (4385 JT) Rises on Target Price Hike; We Remain Cautious
13. CyberAgent’s (4751 JT) Latest Game Climbs the Charts

Enterprise Software

14. Cybozu (4776 JT) Announces Steady Jan 2020 Sales, Holds Strategy Meeting
15. TIS Inc (3626 JT) Invests in Grab (pvt.)


16. Is the Worst Over at Sanix (4651 JT)?
17. Event Cancellations Due to Covid-19 Hits Advertisers / Schools Closed


18. Grim Supermarket Sales for Jan 2020
19. Big Day for Data

PSA Company Visits, Tours and Interviews

• Visited: Showa Denko (4004 JT), Fujifilm Holdings (4901 JT), Ube Industries (4208 JT)
• Attended earnings meeting at Sumitomo Chemical (4005 JT)
• Watched earnings webcast of Cybozu (4776 JT)
• Participated in earnings call with: Sumitomo Chemical (4005 JT)

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