Mar 05


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Ricoh (7752 JT) INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Corporate software spend rebounds in Q4 2020 Among electricals, spring wage negotiations take on a Covid spin Mobile game net sales surge in 1Q US auto sales fall in February Wireless pricing wars MACRO: Feb PMI Employment data for Jan CY20 Q4 capex Monetary base COMPANY INSIGHTS: Is Apple set to cut iPhone production more than originally expected? Sony ends on-demand video purchasing from PlayStation Store Plus Additional COMPANY INSIGHTS

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Feb 05


Highlights this week: REPORTS: PSA’s Annual Global Auto Sales Outlook: 2021 INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Debate widens on semis and 5G MACRO: Covid cases Japan’s Jan monetary base +18.9% YoY China’s Caixin’s Jan Composite PMI down from 55.8 to 52.2 COMPANY NEWS, PREVIEWS & RESULTS: Technology: Consumer & Ind’l Electronics / Components / SPE / Precision Sony / Nintendo /Konami / SQE / Panasonic / Hitachi / Rohm / TDK / Kyocera / Lasertec / Nihon Kohden / Megachips / Ibiden / Nikon Plus additional COMPANY NEWS, PREVIEWS & RESULTS

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Nov 27


Highlights this week: REPORTS: BASE Inc (4477 JT) Daikin (6367 JT) INDUSTRY INSIGHTS MLCCs and semiconductors: two sides of the same coin Mixed outlook for US auto sales financing business EV-plays sparking interest Request for easier renewable energy regulations COMPANY INSIGHTS: PS5 shortage continues Nintendo taps Sharp for Switch production New rice-milling game becoming a cult hit for Marvellous Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS

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Nov 20


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Nintendo (7974 JT) Murata (6981 JT) Our impressions from the Automobilwoche auto conference MACRO: Japan GDP Rebounds Nicely Is deflation returning to Japan? INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: EUV – growing market means competition COMPANY INSIGHTS: Price of a PS5 – if you can get one The trouble with Nintendo… Capcom’s ransomware attack Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS & RESULTS

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Oct 16


Highlights this week: REPORTS: GMO Financial Gate (4051 JT) Yaskawa Electric (6506 JT) Suga’s Digital Investment Plan INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: What Japan stock investors should look for from the iPhone launch event Consumption via smartphone rises Japan’s automakers facing massive safety belt recall Daimler’s mobility insurance venture sets an example for auto industry Update on NASH MACRO: China imports surge Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS

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Sep 25


Highlights this week: REPORT: Nabtesco (6268 JT) MARKET / MACRO: Covid / lockdown / WFH stars in Mothers index INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Channel checks suggest new iPhone production is high-end oriented Amazon enters the video game streaming market COMPANY INSIGHTS: Readthrough from the Microsoft / Bethesda Deal Can Capcom release a Monster Hunter and a Resident Evil title every year? Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS

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Aug 07


Highlights this week: REPORTS: ZOZO (3092 JT) Toyota (7203 JT) COMPANY INSIGHTS: Z Holdings and LINE to merge in Mar 2021 RESULTS / PREVIEWS: Consumer Electronics: Sony’s impressive FY20 1Q OP Nintendo’s staggering FY20 Q1 OP +428% YoY Video Games: Square Enix Q1 OP +242% Capcom Q1 OP +39% YoY Nexon, DeNA and Mercari beat estimates Plus COMPANY RESULTS & PREVIEWS

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July 31


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Asahi Kasei (3407 JT) Nidec (6954 JT) Nissan (7201 JT) Fanuc (6954 JT) Yaskawa (6506 JT) INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Q1 2020 software spend even stronger than originally thought MACRO: Japan’s trade data Plus additional COMPANY PREVIEWS / RESULTS and INSIGHTS

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July 17


Highlights this week: REPORT: Nintendo’s 1Q FY20 Preview Sony (6758 JT): PS5 Production Plans Raised MARKET / MACRO China’s curious economy (statistically speaking) INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Auto sector outperforms on hopes for H2 sales recovery Automation and A/C stocks still hitting new highs Plus additional INDUSTRY & COMPANY INSIGHTS

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July 10


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Oro (3983 JT) Yaskawa Electric (6506 JT) Densan Systems (3630 JT) MARKET / MACRO: The “Lying-V” shape recovery Masayoshi vs Masatoshi Latest Japan data indicates economy on a knife edge Economy Watchers Survey ahead of expectations PPI better than expected Plus additional INDUSTRY and COMPANY INSIGHTS

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