May 21


Highlights this week: REPORTS: NRI (4307 JT) INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Is Japan’s casino push dead in the water? China fortifies its position as core market among Japanese automakers Battle over electric pickup truck market set to begin MACRO: April machine tool orders +2.2x YoY; -3% MoM Weak CY21 Q1 GDP COMPANY INSIGHTS: Sony vs Discovery Murata vs Taiyo Yuden Murata in energy saving / energy harvesting IoT move Apple pushes for 5G handset discounts Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS, PREVIEWS, NEWS & RESULTS

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Apr 09


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Sony (6758 JT) Fanuc (6954 JT) Toshiba (6502 JT) INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Camera industry’s horror show Strong outperformance of Japanese automakers in the US in CY21 Q1 MACRO: Weak household spending, wage data for February China PPI COMPANY INSIGHTS: Is Sony the big winner from Covid Mark II? Sony in 5-yr Netflix exclusivity deal / Sony Music continues to acquire IP Plus additional COMPANY RESULTS & INSIGHTS

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Nov 20


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Nintendo (7974 JT) Murata (6981 JT) Our impressions from the Automobilwoche auto conference MACRO: Japan GDP Rebounds Nicely Is deflation returning to Japan? INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: EUV – growing market means competition COMPANY INSIGHTS: Price of a PS5 – if you can get one The trouble with Nintendo… Capcom’s ransomware attack Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS & RESULTS

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Nov 13


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Global Payments: Revolution or Evolution? An Update on the Global March Towards Cashless Societies Honda Motor (7267 JT) INDUSTRY & COMPANY INSIGHTS: Can you genuinely monetize podcasts? FDA outside panel nixes aducanumab MACRO: Japan’s impressive FY20 2Q business performance Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS & RESULTS

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Nov 06


Highlights this week: REPORTS: NEC (6701 JT) Fujifilm Holdings (4901 JT) Nintendo (7974 JT) INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: FDA paper gives a thumb up to aducanumab 5G capex back in the news October US auto sales Company Insights NEC in Docomo SA 5G core vendor win Sony key in TikTok deal / set to buy Crunchyroll Nidec plans to build European EV motor plant Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS & RESULTS

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Oct 30


Highlights this week: REPORTS: • Honda (7267 JT) • Fanuc (6954 JT) EARNINGS RELEASES: • Sony FY20 2Q OP +15% YoY • Lasertec 1Q FY21 +217% YoY • Canon 3Q FY20 OP better than expected • Koei Tecmo 2Q FY20 OP +64% YoY • KDDI 2Q FY20 OP +1% Plus additional EARNINGS RELEASES

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Sep 25


Highlights this week: REPORT: Nabtesco (6268 JT) MARKET / MACRO: Covid / lockdown / WFH stars in Mothers index INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Channel checks suggest new iPhone production is high-end oriented Amazon enters the video game streaming market COMPANY INSIGHTS: Readthrough from the Microsoft / Bethesda Deal Can Capcom release a Monster Hunter and a Resident Evil title every year? Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS

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Sep 18


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Mercari (4385 JT) Kioxia (6600 JT) INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Suga goes after spectrum usage fees Chinese cities, automakers step up FCV development efforts EU auto market: Electrification taking hold MARKET / MACRO: Yoshihide Suga wins LDP Presidency COMPANY INSIGHTS: Sony’s PS5 Event – Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI NEC in insurance blockchain move Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS

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Sep 11


Highlights this week: REPORTS: NEC (6701 JT) Daikin (6361 JT) RPA Holdings (6572 JT) Hitachi (6501 JT) INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Additional support for China’s fuel cell vehicle developers announced Shared Merpay and Barai QR code started today Shipping sector gets upgraded Super App situation for wireless operators: readacross to KDDI MARKET / MACRO: 2Q GDP / household spending / wage data Olympics back on next year Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS

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Sep 4


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Japan's Potential Old Tech Crisis: The Demise of the Printer Copier Business Panasonic (6752 JT): Pain Now, Gain Later? Toyota’s (7203 JT) Good Fundamentals but Slow Road to Recovery Toyota’s (7203 JT) Risky EV Bet: Profitability Over Volumes MARKET / STRATEGY: A Warren Buffett market in Japan? “Warren Buffett” style stocks in PSA’s Focus List MACRO: Jobs-to-applicants / FY20 Q2 profits and software spending Industrial production surges in July Plus additional INDUSTRY & COMPANY INSIGHTS

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