Sept 09


Highlights this week: REPORTS: iStyle (3660 JT) / Subaru (7270 JT) / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Mobile game revenues continue weaker / Video game console sales +16% YoY in the week to 27 Aug / DDR5 prices falling, but still short of being competitive / July global semiconductor sales fall 6% YoY / MISCELLANEOUS, MARKET & MACRO: Olympics bribery scandal and arrests / European natural gas prices / The ¥/US$ and JGB yields / The thorny issue of inflation subsidies / COMPANY INSIGHTS, NEWS, PREVIEWS & RESULTS: Call of Duty update: game to be available on PS for “several more years” / The PS6 question arises again / Reports of Sony PS5 immediate availability in US / Panasonic increasingly set for clear run on 4680 batteries for Tesla in US

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Sept 02


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Ferrotec Holdings (6890 JT) / AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Series / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Global console sales -2% YoY in week to 20 August / 2022 LCD monitor shipments set to fall / Q2 2022 global NAND revenues +10% YoY, +1% QoQ / Japan’s semiconductor material suppliers lured by US CHIPS Act to invest / US DoC’s restrictions hit SPE- / packing-related stocks / Hydrogen theme revival / China plug-in vehicle sales continue to soar despite new subsidy for ICEs / July global auto production / Aug US auto sales / COMPANY INSIGHTS, NEWS, Previews & RESULTS: What are the implications if Amazon bids for EA? / MISCELLANEOUS MARKET & MACRO: Macro data out this week / Is Japan quietly tightening?

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Jul 29


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Shin-Etsu Chemical (4063 JT) / Daifuku (6367 JT) / Sony (6758 JT) / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Upcoming corporate results week: US and Japan tech ask different questions / Is Gartner predicting a short downturn in the semiconductor market? / Is the upswing over for big tech? / US Energy Bill: Read-across to EVs and Toyota / COMPANY PREVIEWS & RESULTS: Koei Tecmo 1Q OP +20% YoY / Capcom 1Q FY22 OP -49% YoY / Is the market right to be nervous about Panasonic’s 1Q? / Canon and its listed subsidiaries deliver strong June Q earnings / Murata 1Q FY22 OP -16% YoY / Advantest 1Q FY22 OP +71% / Strong reactions to revisions at Koa and W-Scope / Shin-Etsu Polymer’s strong Q1

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Jul 22


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Feedback from the July 2022 Automotive News Europe Congress / DX Small- / Mid-Caps – From Gloom to Swoon? An Update Sysmex Corp (6869 JT) / Enigmo (3665 JT) / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Video game console sales down 7% YoY – week to 9 July / Q2 CY22 global smartphone shipments -9% YoY / US CHIPS Act progress could brighten sentiment / MISCELLANEOUS MARKET & MACRO: Foreigners net buyers of Japanese equities last week / COMPANY INSIGHTS, NEWS, PREVIEWS & RESULTS: Square Enix in NFT move / Sony wins opening round in PlayStation Store legal battle / ASML cuts full year revenue guidance / Disco 1Q FY22 OP +40% YoY / Nidec preview / results / market reaction

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Jul 15


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Square Enix (9684 JT) / Money Forward (3994 JT) / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Weekly video game console sales pick up as quarter ends / Japan consumer electronics demand slumping / May MLCC production volumes fall but ASPs rise / Q2 global PC Shipments -10.1% YoY / May Global EV sales +55% YoY / SaaS / enterprise software stocks: outperformers emerge / MISCELLANEOUS, MARKET & MACRO: Macro releases this week / COMPANY INSIGHTS, NEWS, PREVIEWS & RESULTS: Apple to raise iPhone 14 prices by US$100? / Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake sells 10mil units / TSMC FY22 2Q NP +78% YoY / FY22 1Q results previews for Hitachi / Murata / Mimasu Semiconductor FY22 4Q OP -20% YoY

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Jul 01


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Recruit Holdings (6098 JT)Daikin Industries (6367 JT)INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: NAND flash prices slumping / Automakers’ May production offers mixed picture / China EV market back to new-found strength / MISCELLANEOUS, MARKET & MACRO: Global warming comes to Japan / Shipping rates / Tankan woes / COMPANY INSIGHTS, NEWS, PREVIEWS & RESULTS: Shin-Etsu’s new antibacterial coating / GlobalWafers’ Texas plans may be contingent / Toyota seeks more support for hybrids in Japan – e-fuels to make hybrids ‘clean’ / Nissan discloses several details on the Renault alliance / Net Protections extends YTD loss to 69% / Rakuten falls as Rakuten Mobile loses out to competitors

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Jun 17


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Capcom (9697 JT) / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Video game console sales picking up / VC money coming Japan’s way? / MISCELLANEOUS, MARKET & MACRO: China economic data for May shows mild improvement from April / JGB market 2022 vs UK sterling crisis 1992 / What next for the JGB market? / Trade numbers show yen’s effect / COMPANY INSIGHTS, NEWS, PREVIEWS & RESULTS: Can Capcom get to 37mil games sold in FY22? / Hitachi’s Investor Day presentation / Nervousness on Nidec’s succession plans – or lack of / Honda launches new HR-V in the US / Sony Honda Mobility Inc to launch EVs in 2025 / Toray / LG Chem confirm LiB separator JV / Fanuc firm on broker upgrade /

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Jun 10


Highlights this week: REPORT: REPORT: Mercari (4385 JT) / What Now for the Flip Chip Package Makers? / Blessed are the Bean Counters: An Update / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Global video game revenues +4% YoY in Q1 2022 with a pick-up in May / iPhone 14 leaks suggest subdued upgrade / April semiconductor shipments weaker than they look / DRAM prices down 10% QTD / Fertilizer shares rise along with titanium / US auto sales plunge in May / COMPANY INSIGHTS, NEWS, PREVIEWS & RESULTS: Sony PS5 State of Play / PS5 shipments / Capcom’s Showcase / Sony, Honda may IPO EV JV / Can Panasonic leverage Blue Yonder? / Tokyo Electro’s Mid-Term Plan / Intel pushes back Sapphire Rapids SP launch / Nidec to streamline chip procurement

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May 27


Highlights this week: REPORTS: The Global Semiconductor Industry – Introduction to the Data Processing Unit / Ferrotec (6890 JT): Capacity Expansion Leap over FY22~FY23 / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Will the new minicar EV kick-start an EV boom in Japan? / Echoes of Asian chip sector sentiment in 2021 as broker calls the US semiconductor sector “uninvestable” / Japan SPE billings +9% YoY in April / MISCELLANEOUS, MARKET & MACRO: Share buybacks continue apace / Nvidia, Alphabet, and lessons from the Japanese market crash of 1990 / COMPANY INSIGHTS, NEWS, PREVIEWS & RESULTS: Our thoughts on Sony’s Investor Day presentations / Sony, again, goes after photo / video production market with new phone

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May 20


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Why semiconductor stocks need a reappraisal / Square Enix (9684 JT) / Mitsubishi Motors (7211 JT) / Nomura Research Institute (4307 JT) / Enechange (4169 JT) / Ukraine From an Eastern Europe Perspective / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Autos outlook for FY22; an overview / Global auto sales plunge at beginning of fiscal year / Japan, UK in fighter jet tie-up move / Q1 2022 camera shipments / Game console sales continue to struggle / COMPANY PREVIEWS & RESULTS: Consumer Electronics / Gaming results comments for: Square Enix (9684 JT), GungHo (3765 JT) / Disappointing results and outlook for Yamaha Motors (7272 JT) / Machinery results for Daifuku (6383 JT)

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