Sep 30


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Honda (7267 JT) / Giftee (4449 JT) / Autos: Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Global iOS mobile revenues decline further / Video game industry round-up / Welcome to Japan’s “booming” camera Industry / Japan August SPE billings +38% YoY / Bad news day for the semiconductor sector / Misleading headlines on silicon wafers / Chinese shipping rate decline picks up speed / Land prices (finally) edge higher / MISCELLANEOUS, MARKET & MACRO: BoJ keeps rates unchanged / COMPANY INSIGHTS, NEWS, PREVIEWS & RESULTS: Nvidia unveils RTX 4090 graphics card / iPhone demand shift may suit Sony, TDK / Hitachi gets Honda e-axle order

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Sept 09


Highlights this week: REPORTS: iStyle (3660 JT) / Subaru (7270 JT) / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Mobile game revenues continue weaker / Video game console sales +16% YoY in the week to 27 Aug / DDR5 prices falling, but still short of being competitive / July global semiconductor sales fall 6% YoY / MISCELLANEOUS, MARKET & MACRO: Olympics bribery scandal and arrests / European natural gas prices / The ¥/US$ and JGB yields / The thorny issue of inflation subsidies / COMPANY INSIGHTS, NEWS, PREVIEWS & RESULTS: Call of Duty update: game to be available on PS for “several more years” / The PS6 question arises again / Reports of Sony PS5 immediate availability in US / Panasonic increasingly set for clear run on 4680 batteries for Tesla in US

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Sept 02


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Ferrotec Holdings (6890 JT) / AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Series / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Global console sales -2% YoY in week to 20 August / 2022 LCD monitor shipments set to fall / Q2 2022 global NAND revenues +10% YoY, +1% QoQ / Japan’s semiconductor material suppliers lured by US CHIPS Act to invest / US DoC’s restrictions hit SPE- / packing-related stocks / Hydrogen theme revival / China plug-in vehicle sales continue to soar despite new subsidy for ICEs / July global auto production / Aug US auto sales / COMPANY INSIGHTS, NEWS, Previews & RESULTS: What are the implications if Amazon bids for EA? / MISCELLANEOUS MARKET & MACRO: Macro data out this week / Is Japan quietly tightening?

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