Jan 29


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Is the bull market in capacitors set to extend to electrolytes? Yaskawa (6506 JT) Fanuc (6954 JT) INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Japan government to lift ban on digital salary payments? Hydrogen plays in the news again Modified polyimide as an alternative to LCP in 5G circuits MACRO: Cash squeeze in China Japan’s macro data suggests it remains in a “muddle through” scenario Plus additional COMPANY PREVIEWS, RESULTS & INSIGHTS

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Jan 22


Highlights this week: REPORTS: GA Technologies (3491 JT) Yaskawa Electric (6506 JT) INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Minamitori Island’s undersea mining project Smartphone payments continue to rise MACRO: US retail sales weak Japan’s IP decline worsens China data Q4 GDP weak, but CY20 is ahead of forecasts COMPANY INSIGHTS: Might PS6 be unaffordable? Capcom’s RE8 reveal Nidec President suggests OEMs will not be makers of future EV engines Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS & RESULTS

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Jan 15


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Sony (6758 JT) INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: More auto production cuts due to global chip shortage The NAND conundrum SPE strong China driving automation COMPANY INSIGHTS: BASE Inc forms an alliance with note Inc Sony’s Vision S, one year on Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS & RESULTS

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