June 26


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Base Inc (4477 JT) INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Video game stock strategy for H2 2020 5G, the post-Covid “dog that hasn’t barked” – yet Opportunities in enterprise solutions Japan’s cashless penetration rate reaches 26.8% More partnerships in autonomous drive space China adjusts NEV rules Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS

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June 19


Highlights this week: REPORTS: SPE: the capex quandary; The rise of Japan’s online real estate industry; INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Europe’s auto sales continue to tumble in May; April camera shipments -66% YoY; Japan cashless payments now at 22%; MARKET / MACRO: Q1 2020 profits hit hard after all; IPO action returning; China data; Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS

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June 05


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Japan Stock Market Strategy “Beyond Post-Covid” INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Memory price falls hint at end demand problem for tech US auto sales contraction eased in May Survey shows company IT spending plans remain robust despite Covid-19 Japanese megabanks study digital currency expansion LiB supply chain stocks are recovering MACRO / MARKET: Money supply surging Household spending Nikkei trending “Post-Lockdown” Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS

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