Feb 28


Highlights this week: REPORTS: KDDi (9433 JT) – Monetizing the Cambrian Explosion of Data; MACRO: Grim supermarket sales for Jan 2020; Mixed macro data on Friday; INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Outlook for 5G rollout; Geneva Auto Show cancelled; Automakers pushing for more online sales over showrooms; Event cancellations due to Covid-19 hits advertisers; Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS

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Feb 21


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Sector Strategy as Covid-19 Reinforces Some Trends, Roadblocks Others; MACRO/MARKET: COVID-19 and Abe’s Red Zone; Japan GDP -1.6% QoQ / TSE’s 1% rule; INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: China mobile gaming spend strong / Smartphone supply chain: The readthrough of Apple’s announcement; Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS

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Feb 14


Highlights this week; REPORTS: Japan Market Strategy: Where Are We and What Are the Prospects for 2020?; GA Technology (3491 JT): Providing Tech-Based Solutions to Renovate the Real Estate Industry: MACRO: Read-across from Samsung’s 2020 smartphone pricing strategy; Jan 2020 China Auto Sales -18% YoY: Japanese outperform; Plus additional COMPANY INSIGHTS

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Feb 7


REPORTS: PSA’s 2020 Global Autos Sales Report; Sony FY19 Q3: PSA’s SOTP Calculation; INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: 2019 4Q Global Smartphone Shipments; MISCELLANEOUS: IIJ (3774 JT): FY19 3Q OP +22% YoY; MonotaRO's (3064 JT) Disappointing FY20 Guidance; MACRO: More Weak Economic Data from Japan; Plus additional COMPANY RESULTS & INSIGHTS

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