June 28


Highlights this week: REPORTS: HITACHI (6501 JT): Restructuring Post Recovery; Time to Refocus on Japan’s Fintech Revolution?; Nippon Shokubai (4114 JT) and the Sanyo Chemical (4471 JT) Merger; Plus 21 INDUSTRY and COMPANY INSIGHTS

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June 21


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Breaking up SONY (6758 JT) – Revisited [again]; LINE (3938 JT) is fumbling about in a cloud of uncertainty; DAIFUKU (6383 JT) has terrific prospects, but timing of demand is a headache; MACRO: A useful AIAI data bounce Plus 19 INDUSTRY & COMPANY INSIGHTS

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June 14


Highlights this week: REPORTS: TIS (3626 JT); 5G in the UK – Who Benefits?; IHI 7013 JT); SBI Holdings (8473 JT); Mazda (7261 JT); MACRO: April Machinery Orders Possibly Misleading but Still Small Positive; Plus 22 INDUSTRY & COMPANY INSIGHTS

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June 7


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Pharma Strategy; US Auto Sales May 2019; CyberAgent’s (4751 JT) Long-Term Growth Prospects Remain Intact; Consumer Electronics: 8K TVs: Why They Matter; Can Toyota (7203 JT) Beat Its Guidance – And Does It Matter; MACRO: METI CYi9 Q1 corporate data series surprisingly good; Plus 18 INDUSTRY & COMPANY INSIGHTS

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