May 31


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Fiat Chrysler Renault Merger – Consequences for Nissan ; Hitachi (6501 JT) as Third-Sector Sony (6758 JT); Harmonic Drive Systems' (6324 JT) Resilience; MACRO: Does AIAI data suggest weak Q2 GDP, downward revision for Q1?; High RoEs continue to dominate Japan stock market performance; Plus 21 INDUSTRY & COMPANY INSIGHTS

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May 24


Highlights this Week: REPORTS: HUAWEI and 5G; Strategy: “History Repeats Itself, Historians Repeat Each Other” – Welcome to the the “Plaza Accord Revisited” Motif; MACRO: Japan’s messy machinery orders; Are Japan’s GDP figures also wrong? Plus 15 INDUSTRY INSIGHTS & COMPANY INSIGHTS

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May 17


Highlights this Week: REPORTS: MURATA (6981 JT): Is the premium justified? INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: We discuss whether Japan pharma losing its appeal; The US gives automakers headaches; MACRO: Is Japan heading back into recession? Plus 29 COMPANY INSIGHTS & PREVIEWS/RESULTS

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May 10


Highlights this week: REPORTS: HITACHI CHEMICAL (4217 JT): Higher Interest in a Share Transfer than Results; SHIN-ETSU CHEMICAL (4063 JT): Examining the weak FY18 Q4; STRATEGY: The “Muddling Through” Conundrum; NTT DATA (9613 JT): FY18 Q4 Preview; US AUTO SALES in April as Incentives and Fleet Sales Decline; Plus 25 INDUSTRY INSIGHTS and COMPANY INSIGHTS

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