Apr 26


Highlights this week: REPORTS: TDK (6762 JT) – Shares Recovering After a Large Correction; MACRO MARKET - China’s liquidity boom Plus 26 INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, PREVIEWS/RESULTS and COMPANY INSIGHTS

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Apr 18


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Fast & Furious 5G Wired Magazine Interview with Sony Offers Window on PS5 Initiating on Outsourcing (2427 JT): Opportunities for the Taking Plus 23 COMPANY INSIGHTS, INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, MACRO/MARKET & PREVIEWS/RESULTS

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Apr 12


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Fuel Cell Vehicles – Why Bother? INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: EU, UK initiate anti-competition gaming investigations / Dismal camera stats / Japan to have new banknotes / Chemical safety crackdown in China / Plus 25 COMPANY INSIGHTS, MACRO/MARKET & REVIEWS/RESULTS

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Apr 05


Highlights this week: REPORTS: US Auto Sales Decline in March, but SAAR Surges In Semiconductors, Is “Poor” Good Enough? / Plus 18 INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, COMPANY INSIGHTS & MACRO / MARKET

Apr 052019-05-17T11:51:42+00:00
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