Mar 29


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Istyle (3660 JT): Opportunities Abound / Why Investors Need to be Looking at Nintendo (7974 JT) Stock Right Now / Hitachi Chemical (4217 JT) Aims to Get Back on Track / MACRO/MARKET: What net for Japanese equities? / Another round of “glass not quite half full” economic data / Are there cost control issues at Japan’s high fliers? Plus 24 INDUSTRY INSIGHTS & COMPANY INSIGHTS

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Mar 22


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Is Google’s Stadia a Game Changer? / Cybozu (4776 JT) – A Growth Story: taking the Tedium Out of Back Office Tasks / There May be Further Downside for ZOZO (3092 JT) / Daikin (6367 JT) – Still Expanding / Toyota (7203 JT) and Suzuki (7269 JT) Announce Agreement on Collaboration / Japanese Assemblers at the Geneva Motor Show – Impressions / Plus 20 INDUSTRY INSIGHTS & COMPANY INSIGHTS

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Mar 15


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Examining a Battered Sumco (3436 JT) / Toyota (7203 JT): Back in Shape – Steady Earnings Growth on Volumes, Cost Cuts, Lower Selling Expenses/ MARKET/MACRO: No change to QE from the BoJ / China data / Plus 19 INDUSTRY INSIGHTS & COMPANY INSIGHTS

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Mar 08


Highlights this week: REPORTS: CyberAgent (4751 JT) – Our Positive View Remains / Feb 2019 US Auto Sales Decline on Lower Incentives and Winter Storms / Is Sony (6758 JT) Still on Track to Achieve FY21 OP of ¥1tril? / Fanuc (6954 JT) Remains a Winner in the Automation Industry / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Calls from members of the banking sector to the BoJ to end QE / CMOS prices are stable / Has iPhone situation bottomed? / MACRO / MARKET: Are results from children’s wear maker Pigeon the canary in China’s consumer coalmine? / China export figures for Feb / Weak leading economic indicator for Japan / COMPANY INSIGHTS: The slumbering giant that is Nintendo’s subscription services is waking up and the firm is bringing VR to Switch with Labo / Hoya vs ACG in EUV blanks / Mazda’s all new crossover to launch in Europe earlier than we expected / CyberAgent’s AbemaTV to distribute premium video ads

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Mar 01


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Major report – The Global EUV Opportunity Set as 7nm Goes Mainstream / Camera Industry – Is the Data Denoting the New Normal, or a Temporary Holding Point? / Japan Stock Market Strategy – Investing When the Risk Protects You / INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: We discus the outlook for 10.5G capex / We look at the latest surprise in the HDD roadmap, with implications for Hoya (7741 JT) / Foldable phones and the supply chain / MACRO/MARKET: Japan, China data / Analyst downgrades are on the rise / COMPANY INSIGHTS: Subaru is ranked top for safety in the US / Impressive Jan figures for office efficiency software developer Cybozu / Nintendo buybacks and the new Pokémon games for Switch / ZOZO’s ZOZOTOWN loses another brand

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