Aug 31


Highlights this week: Rakuten (4755 JP) – Can It Replicate Jio? Thao Nguyen identifies similarities and differences between the two entities and aims to assess the success likelihood of RMN / Isuzu (7202 JP): Upside Earning Potential in FY18 - Julie Boote reviews the outlook for Isuzu and identifies several areas of improvement which lead her to a FY18 OP forecast above those of both the company and consensus / Rohm’s (6367 JP) Rohm’s specialisation in power ICs, an area of semiconductor design, looks poised to make this cycle a good one for Rohm as electric vehicle powertrains and the IoT generally begin to take centre stage. Pelham Smithers looks at existing business lines and fresh opportunities to assess Rohm’s chances in this brave new world

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Aug 24


Highlights this week: Big Picture: Tariffs/NAFTA discussions and implications for autos / Japanese government points the finger at the wireless companies, suggests prices 40% too high / Japan’s retail sales / Weekly Insight: Hitachi High Tech’s (8036 JP) worth considering / Nikon’s (7731 JP) move in the mirrorless market: likely to effect Sony (6758 JP), Canon (7751 JP) et al / Suzuki (7269 JP) walks away from China / iStyle (3660 JP): Time to take advantage of the sell-off?

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Aug 17


Highlights this week: Nabtesco (6268 JP) Outlook: Slower Growth but Value Support / Suzuki Motors (7269 JP): Increasing Downside Risk in India / China’s moratorium on Video Game Licenses / Capcom’s (9697 JP) Shares Slump as China Pulls Monster Hunter / Panasonic (6752 JP) to Sell Tesla Solar Cells to Third Parties / MMC’s (7211 JP) sales continue to boom in ASEAN markets / Start Today’s (3092 JP) ZOZO is catching on

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Aug 10


Highlights of research published this week: Telecoms: Are all Japan Telcos a “Buy”? Is SoftBank a growth stock again? / Sony (6758 JP): Is it time for a bit more restructuring…or a break up? / Electronic Components Strategy: Punchy forecasts, punchy valuations / Results comments highlighted: Strong numbers from Rakuten (4755 JP) / Disappointing numbers for Square Enix (9684 JP) / Bandai Namco (7832 JP) enjoys 14% OP growth / Nabtesco (6268 JP), IHI (7013 JP) disappoint / SoftBank’s (9984 JP) Q1 boosted by valuation gains

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Aug 3


Highlights this week: Reports published this week on TDK’s (6762 JP) Impressive 1Q Numbers / Result comments on as Sony (6758 JP) smashes 1Q forecasts, SBI’s (8473 JP) fantastic 1Q results, Toyota’s (7203 JP) excellent 1Q results & Sega Sammy (6460 JP) in the black / Weekly Insight: Sega Sammy the most promising casino play / Telecom engineering names look well set and they are good value

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