Dec 21


Higlights this week:- REPORTS: PKSHA Tech (3993 JT) – Going All-In on AI / Mazda (7261 JT): Will the Mazda3 Save the Day? / BIG PICTURE INSIGHTS: An update on gaming licenses in China / We look at the battered chemical shares / COMPANY INSIGHTS: Super Smash Bros Ultimate has glitches / Encouraging figures for CyberAgent’s (4751 JT) Abema Premium subscriptions / We look at the listing of Softbank’s mobile business / Sumitomo Chem’s (4005 JT) shares unrewarded for better pharma outlook

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Dec 14


Highlights this week: REPORTS: 5G Rollout and the Huawei debate / MACRO: Japan Tankan – predicting a further slowdown / BIG PICTURE INSIGHTS: We see Japan as a winner as China plays down Made in China 2025 / Japan’s FT^C to more closely monitor the growing issue of data concentration, particularly among foreign firms; beware Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook and Alibaba / COMPANY INSIGHTS: MonotaRO (3064 JT) reports another set of impressive monthly parent sales in Nov / Showa Denko (440 JT) continues to offer GARP / JDI (6740 JT) has a topsy-turvy week as good news follows bad / Sayonara to Pioneer (6773 JT) / Exciting mid-term plan from Yamaha Motors (7272 JT)

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Dec 7


Highlights this week: REPORTS: US Auto Sales for Nov 2018 / Mixi (2121 JT) - Time for a Revisit / Panasonic (6752 JT) – Can it Prove the Market Wrong? / BIG PICTURE INSIGHTS: We look at the market reaction to Japanese Corporate Earnings / Its corporate crunch time for Alps (6770 JT) and Alpine (6816 JT) / Implications for smartphone supply chain as stocks tumble on the news of the arrest of Huawei’s CEO / Gaming hardware wars: Xbox Scarlett vs PS5 / COMPANY INSIGHTS: The outlook for unit sales of the Nintendo Switch / Upside for the mobile business at Square Enix (9684 JT) / Evidence that things are looking up for Subaru (7270 JT); more inspection failures at Nissan (7201 JT) / Daikin’s (6367 JT) plans for A/C domination in India.

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Nov 30


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Apple Production / Fanuc (6954 JT)- FY18 Outlook / Subaru (7270 JT) – Potential upside, with N America key to Recovery / BIG PICTURE: All-round pain for polysilicon contracts / Import tariffs remain the focus point of trade talks / Facial recognition use in the retail industry for cashier-less stores / COMPANY INSIGHTS: Views on Nissan and the alliance post Ghosn / Has Nintendo (7974 JT) Switch fallen out of favour? / Showa Denko (4004 JT) looking for new growth opportunities / Daikin (6367 JT) diversifying into refrigeration / NTT Data enters the Indian electronic payments market / Asian demand for Fanuc (6954 JT)may weaken sharply from Q3

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Nov 22


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Carlos Ghosn Arrested: Concern over future of alliance / Value Implosion in the Japanese Video game Sector / Daifuku (6383 JT) Order Visibility Play / ZOZO (3092 JT) Product Review BIG PICTURE INSIGHTS: China machine tool association officials saying recovery 6-24 months could be weighing on automation stocks / The valuation of gaming stocks have pulled back to levels that suggest they are priced for failure / COMPANY INSIGHTS: We have positive feedback after our visit to Harmonic Drive (6324 JT)

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Nov 16


Highlights this week: REPORTS: CyberAgent (4751 JT): We Still Like the AbemaTV Story / Strategy: How Well is the Chinese Economy Doing? / Interesting Visit to Alps (6770 JT) / BIG PICTURE INSIGHTS: Tariff Talks for auto imports to the US are on again / Ethylene and polyethylene come under pressure / COMPANY INSIGHTS: Valuing Softbank Holding’s NAV now we have Softbank Mobile’s IPO price / Nintendo slumps on weak guidance from Nvidia / COMPANY INSIGHTS: We think the sell-off in Ashi kasie is overdone / Oct sales at MonotaRO rose an impressive 32.7% - but you are paying heady valuations for the shares / We consider whether Subaru’s expansion was too fast, leading to question marks over quality

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Nov 9


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Video Games Industry at a Crossroads / NEC (6701 JP): One Year On / Nissan (7201 JP): Slow Progress in Balancing Selling Expenses and Volumes / MMC (7211 JP) – Further Growth Opportunities in FY19 / BIG PICTURE INSIGHTS: Smartphone handset shipments are down for a 4th quarter in a row …… / COMPANY INSIGHTS: US tariffs only impact Daikin’s A/C business; no impact on fluoropolymers / Grim times ahead for Olympus / Toshiba to get rid of US LNG business / Polycarbonate markets remain weak / Shin-Etsu Polymer hiking wafer box capacity is good news for Shin-Etsu Chemical

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Nov 2


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Toyota (7203 JP) FY18 Q2 Preview / Shin-Etsu (4063 JP) FY18 H1 Earnings Meeting – Revising Up Full Year / COMPANY INSIGHTS: Reaction to Docomo’s move to slash tariffs / FA demand could begin to recover soon in China, suggests Fanuc executive / Hitachi Chemical’s IC materials drama unfolds, with feedback from the press conference / EARNINGS COMMENTS: Impressive figures for Murata (6981 JP), Sony (6758 JP), TDK (6762 JP), Shin-Etsu (4063 JP) & IHI (7013 JP) / Disappointing figures for Panasonic, Nitto Denko, Maxell, Aisin, Suzuki, Nabtesco, NGK Spark Plug, Toyoda Gosei, ZOZO Inc, Yahoo Japan& GREE / Upgrades to full-year guidance from Komatsu (6301 JP) & Denso (6902 JP) / No change to guidance from Dexerials (4980 JP) & Capcom (9697 JP)

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Oct 26


Highlights this week: REPORTS: The LCP opportunity in High-End Handsets/ Shin-Etsu Chemical (4063 JP) H1 FY18 Earnings Preview / Fanuc (6954 JP) FY18 Q2 Preview / Hitachi Chemical (4217 JP) FY18 H1 Results / BIG PICTURE Insights: We think the chances that Japan’s 3Q GDP will be negative are quite high / new gaming licences halted in China, is a clamp-down on the existing game market to come? COMPANY INSIGHTS: NEC’s tie-up with Samsung to sell 5G base stations in the US & Japan provides free call option / EARNINGS COMMENTS on Hitachi High-Tech (8036 JP), HCM (6305 JP), Nidec (6594 JP), CyberAgent (4751 JP)

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Oct 19


Highlights this week: REPORTS: Recruit Holdings (6098 JP): Unappealing Valuations / PSA Visits the Auto Assemblers: Feedback / BIG PICTURE: We discuss how Chinese mobile game moratorium lasting into 2019 is only part of the problem / Can EUV deliver? Plus, a read across from ASML’s 3Q results / COMPANY INSIGHTS: Julie Boote looks at the slip in Isuzu’s share price / Pelham Smithers looks at Huawei’s targeting of Nintendo’s Switch with its new phone / Joel Scheiman looks at TSMC’s roadmap for next generation processing materials

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