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PSA Research Weekly Wrap-up Oct 30: Market Strategy for 4Q 2015/ 5 Company Reports / Great Reads on Nintendo, Panasonic, Sony / Results Feedback Galore

PSA weekly research wrap-up for the week ending Oct 30:

Reports/Flash Notes: Headlines at a Glance

1. Machinery: Fanuc (6954) FY15 H1 – What Has Changed?

2. Auto Parts: Clarion (6796) - Forecasting Double Digit Earnings Growth in FY16 and FY17

3. Autos: Honda (7267) - A Chance to Accumulate in the Offing?

4. Autos: Nissan (7201) - Proposal of Change in Capital Structure to Retain Control over Group

5. Autos: Mitsubishi Motors (7211) - Asia Remains Key Issue

Company/Sector/Thematic Comments at a Glance:

1. Nintendo (7974): Playing Us?

2. Panasonic (6752): It's Cheap and Business is Performing / LG Chem Threat to LiB Business?

3. Sony (6758): To Buy Toshiba's CMOS Sensor Business / FY15Q2 OP Almost Back to Glory Day Levels

4. Tokyo Electron (8035): FY15 OP Raised but Is this the Peak of the Cycle?

5. Canon (7751): 3Q Improved but Picture Remains Murky as FY OP Revised Down

6. Printer / Copier Space a Crowded Player Nightmare...Kyocera (6971) Shocker

7. Apple Supply Chain Musings: Bottom Fishing in Minebea (6479) and TDK (6762)

8. Koei Tecmo (3635): Beats 1H; Results Bode Well for Square Enix (9684)

9. Sharp (6753): Downward Revisions

10. Endo Lighting (6932): LED Lighting Business on the Blink?

11. Shin-Etsu Chemical (4063) Meeting: Good Numbers but Little Insightful Disclosure

12. JSR (4185) conference call: disappointing after all

13. Hitachi Chemical (4217) Conference Call: Few Real Surprises?

14. Fujifilm Holdings (4901) Results Meeting: Instant Satisfaction

15. Konica Minolta (4902) Results Meeting: Copying the Trend

16. Zeon Corp (4205) Results Meeting: Typically Conservative

17. Asahi Kasei (3407): Assessing Risks

18. Nikkei Auto Earnings Overview: Q2 Earnings Solid on Weak Yen / N America Demand

19. Kaken Pharm (4521): Reasonable Value

20. Astellas (4503) – we're in no-man's land for now

21. Gree (3632): Cost Controls Boost Q1 OP; FY Guidance Looks Conservative.

22. CyberAgent (4751): Tackling Challenges Successfully

23. GungHo Online (3765): Puzzle and Dragons Fire Fizzling Out, Costs Rising

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