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The Must Read PSA Weekly Research Round-Up (week to March 10, 2017)

PSA Japan Weekly research round-up for week ending March 10th:
Reports/Flash Notes: Headlines at a Glance:
1. Strategy: As the Nikkei Threatens to Break Out – What Stocks to Focus On?
2. Autos: US Border Adjustment Tax – A Disastrous Scenario for Japanese Automakers
3. Gaming: Nintendo (7974) and DeNA (2432) Assessed in the Light of Switch Launch
Company/Sector/Thematic Comments at a Glance:

Technology: Consumer Electronics / Gaming / Industrial Electronics / Precision
1. Sony Corp (6758): Credit Rating Raised / Toyo Keizai Raises its Sony Estimates for FY16
2. China Bans New Korean Video Games: Read-Across to Nexon (3659), NCSoft (035670 KS) etc.
3. KLab (3656): Overegging Benefits of Cost-Cutting? While Gumi's (3903) Q3 is Excellent
4. Square Enix (9684): Positive Reviews Do Matter
5. Toshiba (6502): Troubles Continue

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