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The Must Read PSA Weekly Research Round-Up (week ending March 24): Reports Published on NOK (7240) and Toyota (7203)

PSA Japan Weekly research round-up for the week ending March 23rd:
Reports/Flash Notes: Headlines at a Glance (full reports available upon request):
1. Toyota (7203) FY17 Outlook – Toyota's Achilles Heel: North America
2. NOK (7240): Visit Feedback – Two Negative Surprises
Company/Sector/Thematic Comments at a Glance (Please ask for more details):
Technology: Electrical Components / SPE / Industrial Electronics / Consumer Electronics / Gaming
1. Murata (6981): IHP SAW Filter for the 2.4GHz ISM Band – This Matters / Artic Sands Purchase
2. Where are we in the Semiconductor Cycle? Opportunities in Japan
3. Semiconductor BB Ratios: Data Remains Strong – Read-Across to Ferrotec (6980)
4. Ferrotec (6890): 19.5% Dilution from Rights Issue
5. Hitachi Group in a New Round of Asset Shuffling

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