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The Must Read PSA Weekly Research Round-Up (week ending Feb 17)

PSA Japan Weekly research for the week ending Feb 17th:
Reports/Flash Notes: Headlines at a Glance (access to full report available upon request):
1. Video Game Sector – Lessons from Results
Company/Sector/Thematic Comments at a Glance (full comments available upon request):
Technology: Industrial Electronics / Electronic Components
1. Toshiba (6502) ... the Saga Continues
2. Nikon (7731): Worrying Times Ahead
3. Tamron (7740): FY17 2H Forecasts Look Very Punchy
4. Mabuchi Motor (6592): Large Currency Gain to FY16 Results but FY17 Guidance Muted
Electronic Materials / Chemicals
5. WSJ Reported that Sony (6758) is Getting into the Galaxy, but that Volumes Appear to be Small.
6. Kureha (4023): Improved Oil Market Reflected in Share Rise / Value but Where is the Growth?
7. Showa Denko (4004): Positive Earnings, but a Mixed Bag in All
8. Asahi Kasei (3407) Buying into Chuo Build Industry (1971)
Machinery / Auto Parts

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