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The Must Read PSA Weekly Research Round-Up (week to Dec 8): Highlighting Reports on CyberAgent / Cyberdyne and Comments on Sony's PS4 Products/ Video Game Plays / Canon's Q3 / 5G Capex Plays / TDK's FY18 Outlook / the LCD vs OLED iPhone

PSA Japan Weekly Research Round-Up for the week ending Dec 8th: 
The Weekly Comment by Pelham Smithers: 
News comes that Japan's economy grew at 2.5% annualised in the September quarter, and not at the 1.4% the government originally stated. We consider the issues this raises. 
Reports / Flash Notes Published This Week: Headlines at a Glance: 
1. Steel Sector Primer – The Current Situation Looks Favourable for Japanese Steel Makers 
2. November US Auto Sales – Mixed Performance of the Japanese 
3. CyberAgent (4751) – Recent Sell-off Represents a Good Re-entry Point 
4. Cyberdyne (7779): Moving Towards an Inflection Point 
Company / Sector / Thematic Comments at a Glance: 
Technology: Consumer Electronics / Industrial Electronics / Electronic Components / Precision / SPE 
1. Sony (6758): Successful PSVR Trial / Impressive PS4, PSVR Stats / 3D Sensor Mass-Production 
2. Capcom (9697): Beta trial for Monster Hunter: World Unveiled 
3. Gumi (3903): 2Q Numbers Beat Company Forecasts, but Falls Short of Toyo Keizai's Estimates 
4. Nintendo (7974): Animal Crossing App is Not Monetizing; Read-Across to DeNA (2432) 
5. DeNA (2432) and Nissan (7201) To Develop Self-Drive EVs 

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