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PSA weekly research round-up for week ending Friday September 19th: 3 reports/7 comments/ strategy notes

Reports (full company / earnings flash notes) and comments from the PSA team for the week ending Friday, September 19th, 2014


1.   Autos: Toyota (7203) – Unintended Acceleration Update

2.   Components: Ferrotec's (6890) FY15 outlook bullish

3.   Chemicals: Asahi Kasei (3407) At Fair Value


4.   Autos: Currency Sensitivity Update

5.   Consumer Electronics: Takeaways from the Apple iPhone6 Presentation

6.   Electronic Materials: Even More AAPL-Related Good News

7.   Consumer Electronics: Sony's ¥180bil in Impairment Charges but No Yen Weakness Stories to Cushion the Blow

8.   Autos: Nissan Battery Plant closure; Panasonic's battery initiative
9.   Retail: Starbucks an Indicator of Inflationary Pressures?

10. Retail: Tipping Point – August Data

11. Gaming: Sega / Sammy (6460) 10th Anniversary, Mobile Gaming Move and Casino Chat

For further details on the above reports and comments please see below. You can also find PSA research on Factset, Thomson Reuters (Reuters Knowledge, Thomson One Analytics, Starmine), Capital IQ, and on Bloomberg under PSAZ <GO> or by typing in the <stock code> equity CN PSA <GO>. Easier: ask sales to send what you would like to look at.

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