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The Must Read PSA Weekly Research Round-Up (week ending Feb 24, 2017)

PSA Japan weekly research round-up for the week ending Feb 24th:
Reports / Flash Notes: Headlines at a Glance:
1. Nissan (7201): Carlos Ghosn Steps Down as CEO – What Are the Main Risks?
2. CyberAgent (4751) – Risk-Reward Remains Attractive
Company / Sector / Thematic Comments at a Glance:
Technology: Consumer Electronics / Gaming
1. Sony (6758): Limiting PS Now to PS4, PC / Sony Pictures and Anime
2. Capcom (9697): Resident Evil 7 Shipments Hit 3mil
3. Square Enix's (9684)'s Nier Automata well reviewed
4. Mixed Views on Casino Development in Japan
Technology: Industrial Electronics / Electronic Components
5. TDK (6762) will supply Tab S3 – Yonhap

6. SAW filter market to grow 6.9% pa through 2024: TDK (6762), Murata (6981)
7. Toshiba (6502): ... the Saga rolls on
8. Fujitsu (6702): Lenovo (992 HK) Deal Almost Finalized...But Maybe Not a Great Deal
Chemicals / Electronic Materials
9. Sumco (3436): The Conundrum of Leading-edge Wafers
10. SoftBank (9984): Sprint / T-Mobile Back in Play, Vision Fund
11. GREE (3632): Encouraging Developments in the Non-Game Business
12. Implications for Recruit Holdings (6098) as Companies Battle a Tight Labour Market
13. Rakuten (4755): Share Buyback Temporarily Downplays the Unexciting Earnings Prospects
14. LINE (3938) strengthens tie with Snow to catch up with Snap
15. Power Shift Between Parcel Handlers and e-Commerce at Last?
Machinery / Auto Parts
16. Short-Sell Target SMC (6273) et al. Shrug off Concerns Expressed in 2016; NOK Optimism
17. Snippets on Cellseed (7776), Chugai (4519), Otsuka (4578), DSK (4568)

You can also find PSA research on FactSet, Thomson Reuters (Reuters Knowledge, Thomson One Analytics, Starmine), Capital IQ, and Bloomberg (under PSAZ or by typing in the < stock code> equity CN PSA ), or contact your sales representative.

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