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1. Sumco (3436 JP): Profits Going from Wafer Thin to Wafer Fat 
2. iStyle (3660 JP): Looking Pretty Good 
Company / Sector / Thematic Comments at a Glance 
1. Japanese Authorities to Use Video Surveillance / Facial Recognition at Tokyo Olympics 
2. How Strong is the Current Apple iPhone Cycle? 
3. Murata Looking to Improve OPM in FY18 
4. Ricoh Gets the Nikkei Earnings PR Treatment 
5. NAND Prices Sliding 8
6. Sony's Jumanji Holds on to No. 1 Box Office Spot 
7. Nintendo Labo – Line-Extension or Creative Cul de Sac? 


What we do


Pelham Smithers Associates has become a leading English language independent research provider covering the Japanese stock market and focusing primarily on Japanese manufacturing - TMT, autos, pharma, and machinery - as well as on internet plays and video games. We also write on market strategy. Founded in 2009, Pelham Smithers Associates' research has over the years built up a blue-chip client base. We are recognised as a go-to provider of in-depth analysis and explanation of new technologies emanating from Japan, as well as of the impact of these on Japanese companies and the global market place alike. The firm's founder, Pelham Smithers, is a world expert on consumer technology trends and appears regularly in the financial media on the subject. Overall, our research team has over a hundred years of cumulative knowledge of Japanese equity research.

Our research is based around its widely-read daily and weekly commentaries. However, it is the company and sector reports that enable PSA to stand out from the investment research crowd, as we tend to focus on the technologies (or sometimes lack of them) that drive the report's targets future.

We produce both company and sector reports. The main focus of our research is to identify winners and losers as new technologies impact the top and bottom lines of corporations. Critical to our research is the clear explanation of how these new technologies work and how they impact companies and industries. Although our primary focus is on Japanese equity research, our approach enables us to discover investment opportunities outside of Japan.

Our customers range from globally-renowned mutual funds to small specialist investment advisors. Whatever the size, and wherever you are based (PSA has customers in US, Europe and Asia), we can tailor our product to suit your needs and your budget.



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Pelham Smithers has 25 years’ experience in investment analysis, specializing in Japanese technology companies.

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