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PSA Japan Weekly Research Round-Up for the week ending Nov 17th 

The Weekly Comment by Pelham Smithers 
Eagerly awaiting the Q4 GDP figures... 
Reports / Flash Notes Published This Week: Headlines at a Glance (please contact our sales team for information) 
1. Japanese Pharma Strategy 
Company / Sector / Thematic Comments at a Glance  
1. Sony (6758): Shows Interest in Fox Assets 
2. Comparing General Electric with Hitachi 
3. iPhone X Battery / New Models 
4. Canon (7751): Confirmation of Commemoration 
Chemicals / Electronic Materials 
5. Sumitomo Bakelite (4203): Conservative Guidance 
6. Showa Denko (4004): Strong Q3 but SGL Remains an Unknown Factor in Q4 
7. Shin-Etsu (4063): Continues to Enjoy Strong Business Conditions 
8. China's YMTC Reportedly Making Faster Progress on 3D NAND, but it May Not Matter 
9. Fujifilm Holdings (4901): Remains Ahead of Target Despite the One-time Fuji Xerox Costs 


What we do

Founded in 2009, Pelham Smithers Associates (PSA) provides market intelligence on Asian technology, focusing in particular on Japan. The industries covered by our team of specialists are: consumer electronics, telecomms, pharmaceuticals, internet, electronic parts and materials, automotive technology, retail and capital goods.

PSA produces both company and sector reports. The focus of PSA’s research is to identify winners and losers as new technologies impact the top and bottom lines of corporations. Critical to our research is the clear explanation of how these new technologies work and how they impact companies and industries.

The founding partners have worked closely together for twenty years and the team has more than doubled in size since 2012.


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Pelham Smithers has 25 years’ experience in investment analysis, specializing in Japanese technology companies.

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